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We know that there is a drive to do more adventurous broadcasts on tighter budgets. We’re often asked to provide multiple LiveU’s to cover multi-cam lives (which we can) but we remind our clients that we don’t need to as unlike most other LiveU owners we have the capability to live vision mix multiple cameras, this is obviously a big cost saving over multiple LiveU’s and dishes etc.

We’ve now added another option at a very competitive price, StediCam !! We’ve paired up our Vislink/IMT wireless link and our high end talk-back with it. This has produced a fantastic setup with a very long range, with our high end IFB we’re able to have all the crew “on comms” with communication to and from the van ( not just back through the mics and not just when in send). This has given us the ability to offer OB’s with LiveU + KA +4G allowing us to guarantee connectivity and give cost effective OB’s without compromising content.

If you’d like to know more get in touch and we can show you examples of what it’s capable of.

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