Since February 2020 and the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic both the Broadcast and corporate live markets have changed a lot, you could say the rule book has been ripped up.

Over the lockdown we were asked to provide 13 weeks of live broadcasting for ITV's Martin Lewis Money show (which then won best TV Choice Lifestyle award)

We were able to provide ITV with two robotic camera video feeds and multi channel comms over a 4G and Ka-Sat bonded connection. These feeds were then able to be used as part of there mixing back at ITV's studios.

Many of the practices that were employed on this show lend themselves to other broadcasting work as well as the corporate streaming market. At the same time we started the show we had also put an order in for a new OB Sat van, at the heart of this setup are systems that allow us to work with this new Hybrid technology. This vehicle (DP11 SAT) is now available.

As well as the normal types of OB lives we can also incorporate the following into the work flow:

  • Robotic cameras

  • MultiCam ISO feeds via LiveU (now up to 4)

  • Multiple Talkback channels 

  • Ingest and re-route of Web Video calls (up to 8)

  • Ingest and reroute of Skype, Zoom, Team's & Google Hangout calls. 

  • Multi layer resilient connectivity over Fibre, 4G as well as Satellite broadband.

We can do all of this while still conforming to all social distancing and possible future lock down rules as well as keeping all your staff safe.

Partnering with Squareye TV we're also able to offer live studio space set up with social distancing in mind. This is a great option for speakers that would rather not broadcast from home and feel happy coming to the studio.          24/7 Tel: +44(0) 7976 702074

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